Neon Tetra Fish Complete Care Guide

Neon Tetra fish with the Latin name Paracheirodon Innesi is one of the most popular freshwater fish species in Indonesian society. This fish comes from South America, precisely in the region of Brazil, Rio Taquari, and Paraguay river valleys that are known to live in groups.

Because of its small size which is about 4 cm only, now many neon tetra fish are maintained by fish lovers in the aquarium.

They have many advantages, one of which is their beautiful and attractive appearance. Besides this fish also has a body line from the eye to the tail that can light up like neon when exposed to lights. This fish also has a calm nature, so you can unite this fish with other fish in one aquarium.

No need for special care for caring for this fish. They can also eat whatever you give them. So no wonder many fish lovers who maintain it.

Types of Neon Tetra Fish

In Indonesia, there are many types of Neon Tetras Fish, but there are only a few that are most popular in Indonesian society and have high popularity among other types.

Here are the types of Neon Tetras Fish:

1. Neon Tetraneon tetra fish

Neon Tetra is one type of neon fish that is most hunted by fish lovers. The reason this fish has an extraordinary body beauty.

From head to tail three colors are quite contrasting, namely the silver color that sparkles on its stomach, blue on its back, and red on the tail to the middle fin.

These fish can also look lit like neon lights if they are in a dark place when they are active.

Whereas when they break the color will fade to gray.

Maintain these fish in a minimum amount of 5-6 tails, their fish live in groups. Thus the fish will be comfortable in your aquarium.

2. Cardinal Neon TetraCardinal Tetra

The fish which has the Latin name Paracheirodon Axelrodi is similar to Neon Tetra which is also one of the prima donnas in the aquarium. Both have physical characteristics that are not much different.

The most striking difference between the two is the red line they have. Where the red line on neon tetra is only from the tail to the middle fin, while the red line on the cardinal tetra is full from head to tail.

The Rionegro River in South America is the original habitat of the Neon Tetra Cardinalfish. Thus you must design the aquarium to resemble its natural habitat so that they can comfortably live in the aquarium.

In addition to designing the aquarium, you are also required to maintain the cleanliness of the water by installing filter filters and other aquarium equipment.

Remember, don’t unite these fish with aggressive fish. Because if so then they can be attacked by these aggressive fish.

3. Black Neon TetraBlack Tetra

The fish which has the Latin name Hyphessobrycon Herbertaxelrodi is also not much different from the two types of neon fish above, only the difference is the color.

The color of the Black Neon Tetra fish is plain accompanied by a horizontal line extending from the head to the tail which has a black color. And just above the black line is a white line.

4. Black TetraBlack Tetra Fish

Black Tetra fish is not the same as Black Neon Tetra or both are different.

If the Black Neon Tetra has a horizontal black line, then for the Black Tetra it only has a few black vertical lines between its plain colors.

The fish which has the Latin name Gymnocorymbus Ternetzi is often called the black tetra by fish lovers in Indonesia.

The original habitat of black tetra is in the Rionegro river, but they are also easy to adapt to their new environment, so this fish is the most easily maintained neon fish.

5. Diamond TetraDiamond Neon Tetra

The type of fish that has the Latin name Moenkhausia Pittieri is somewhat different from other types of neon fish. The original habitat of this fish is in the countries of Venezuela, Valencia, and South America.

This fish has a broad body with a shiny silver color on its body and has a unique red mark on its color pupils.

6. Glowlight TetraGlowlight Tetra Fish

Tetra Glowlight or commonly referred to as Neon Fire is the most expensive type of neon fish among others.

Because this type of neon fish is quite difficult to find. This fish has a shiny reddish-yellow body like a burning fire.

This type of neon fish will be more interesting if the lighting in the place is rather bright. Because a bright place can show a very beautiful body pattern.

But at the time of spawning, you have to make the room dark, because this fish is sensitive to light.

The fish which has the Latin name Hemigrammus Erythrozonus comes from Guyana. They can live in water temperatures reaching 22 to 25 degrees Celsius with a maximum length of 3-4 cm.

7. Penguin TetraPenguin Tetra Fish

This type of neon fish is similar to Black Tetra, which has a body color that is dominated by black and silver.

Almost the entire body is silver and there is a black line from the back of the head to the tip of the tail below.

8.Serpae TetraSarpae Tetra Fish

Fish that have a unique body shape that is small and brownish-red named Latin Hyphessobrycon Eques.

This fish comes from Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil which are often called are because they follow the name of the village in the Amazon river, Serpa Village.

Body size is not much different from other Characidae family, which ranges from 3-4 cm only.

Although the size of this fish is small, this fish likes to bite other types of fish such as guppies. Because guppies have long fins.

Therefore, you do not mix this fish with fish that have long fins in an aquarium.

9. Bleeding Heart Neon Tetrasbleeding heart

Bleeding Heart Tetra has the Latin name Hyphessobrycon Erythrostigma. This fish is reddish silver – red with a blood-red spot near the heart.

There are also black and white lines on the dorsal fin. The dorsal fin of this fish is long as an adult can be seen waving.

10. Head and Tail Light TetraHead And Tail Light

Neon fish that has the Latin name Hemigrammus Ocellifer is very suitable to be maintained by beginners, the article is not difficult to care for fish.

They can breed well even though the water content does not have to be acidic and soft, even you can maintain it at a water pH above 7.0.

Thus this fish is sought after and can make itself a favorite fish for fish lovers.

11. Rummynose TetraRummy Nose Tetra

Fish that have the Latin name Hemigrammus Bleheri are often also called fire-head by fish lovers.

The reason this fish has a very beautiful color that is a transparent silvery color combined with a bright green color.

The head of this fish is dark red, its fins are long except for the tail fin. On the caudal fin, there are 5 black horizontal and white lines.

The form of fish that live in tropical freshwater in the United States is like a torpedo that can reach a length of about 5 cm when mature.

These fish like soft waters, sufficient acidity, and there are aquatic plants as their resting place.

12. Rosy Tetrarosy tetra

The Latin name for the Rosy Tetra fish is Hyphessobrycon Rosaceus. This fish comes from Brazil and the United States which has a very beautiful body color that is blushing red on the body, lower fins, and tail.

There are also black and white lines on the dorsal fins and vertical black and white lines on the eyes. The shape of the body of this fish is thick and tiny with a length that can only reach 3 cm.

13. Lemon TetraLemon Tetra

Lemon Tetra has a transparent body and is bright enough so that it is suitable to be maintained in an aquascape with dark-colored substrates and dim light.

But many fish lovers who do not like the color of this fish because the color is less attractive.

The fish which has the Latin name Hyphessobrycon Pulchripinnis comes from the Amazon which can reach a maximum length of 4 cm.

14. Red Eye TetraRed Eye Tetra

Red Eye Tetra is the name given to this type of neon one because in its upper eye there is a red bow.

This fish has a silver body with a thin yellow tip and a green dorsal scales and a black base of the tail.

The original habitat of a fish named Latin Moenkhausia Sanctaefilomenae is in Bolivia, Brazil, South America, and Paraguay which can survive for approximately 5 years.

15. Green Neon TetraGreen Neon Tetra

This fish is almost the same as Neon Tetra fish, it’s just that the horizontal line color on the body is bright green.

16. Blind Cave TetraBlind Cave Tetra

The fish which has the Latin name Astyanax Fasciatus Mexicanus comes from Texas and Mexico. This fish is known to be very unique because its eyes and body are not so clearly visible so transparent.

The size of Blind Cave female Tetra is greater than the size of Blind Cave male Tetra fish.

Where females can reach a length of 8 cm while the males only have a length of 6-7 cm.

17. Congo TetraCongo Tetra

Phenacogrammus Interruptus is the Latin name of this Neon Tetras Congo fish.

They have a very unique and attractive body color, which is a combination of reddish-blue with golden yellow and when they are already the body color will be clearer and more beautiful.

The scales on the body are slightly larger when compared to tetra fish in general.

Moreover, the male, fins, tail, body, and scales are much larger than females. The length of the male Tetra Congo fish is about 8.5 cm while the length of the Congo Tetra female is only about 6 cm.

However, these fish are not suitable for beginners, because they are too demanding in treatment or can be said to be very sensitive to the water content in the aquarium.

18. Albino Tetra

Neon Albino Tetra

As the name suggests, the Neon Albino Tetra fish has a transparent silver color all over its body. Even the eye color of this fish is all white.

19. Buenos Aires Tetra

Buenos Aires Tetra

The fish which has the Latin name Hyphessobrycon Anisitsi or Formerly Hemigrammus Caudovittatus comes from Argentina with a body length that can reach 8 cm.

The original habitat of this fish is in quite hard waters, so if it is kept in an aquarium the fish is not sensitive to water, both in terms of water ph, temperature, and water content.

But these fish are hard to find in Indonesia and when they are adults they can turn aggressive. So indeed this fish is not suitable to be kept in an aquarium.

20. Colombian Tetra

Colombia Tetra

As the name suggests, the Colombian Tetra fish come from Colombia, South America which has the Latin name Hyphessobrycon columbianus.

When compared with other types of tetra, tetra fish is one of the species that has the largest size that can reach 7 cm.

This fish is shiny silver with striking red color on its fins. The color that makes the Tetra Colombian fish much preferred by fish lovers.

This fish can also live and breed in water with a pH of 7 or more, so maintenance is not so difficult.

How to Breeding Neon Tetra Fish

How to breeding neon tetris

For your millennial kids, Neon Tetra fish keeping can be a promising business venture. Because the market demand for small fish is very high. Moreover, the way of cultivation of Neon fish itself is very easy.

Ways you should follow if you want to breed Neon Tetra Fish:

  1. Prepare an aquarium with softer water, a pH measurement of around 5.0 – 6.0, and a temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius, and with a water capacity of 10 liters for a pair of neon fish and with a capacity of 20 liters for several pairs of neon fish.
  2. Prepare a spray that can bring a small flow in the spawning aquarium. Don’t forget to close it, because the fish can jump out of the aquarium.
  3. Design the aquarium with aquatic plants overgrown with moss so that female fish can comfortably lay eggs there.
  4. Enter the broodstock from the neon fish that you have chosen, namely brooders aged 6-7 months, and have a body length of 3-4 cm. The broodstock of the Neon fish must be male and female, the way to distinguish is as follows: Male broods appear smaller, slimmer, and thinner compared to females, they have straight lines on their bodies with scales that look brighter. The movement of Male Neon Fish is more agile. The female parent looks bigger and thicker than the male, the abdomen looks bloated because it keeps eggs ready for fertilization. They have curved lines like curves on their bodies. The movement of Neon Female Fish is not too agile.
  5. Cover the walls of the aquarium with paper so that it can reduce the light entering the aquarium.
  6. Give them living food.
  7. The spawning process will occur in the early morning and females will issue hundreds of neon eggs.
  8. After the female lays eggs, separate the two parents from the eggs. Because if not they can eat their eggs.
  9. Lower the water level to 7 – 10 cm, until it is completely cool.
  10. Eggs or fish larvae are very sensitive to light, so you can put the aquarium in a cupboard to avoid light.
  11. About 4 to 5 days later larvae will emerge from eggs and 3 days later they will start swimming.
  12. Make sure there is no mucus on the surface of the water so that the neon fish puppies can breathe air freely and fill the swim bladder.
  13. Give them neon foods such as infusorian and egg yolk with a very small size 2-3 times a day.
  14. Add water gradually and avoid using any filters, because they are still very small and vulnerable to death in them.

Tips for Caring Neon Tetra Fish

Care Neon Tetra Fish

To treat Neon fish is not difficult. Here are some tips you can know for caring this little fish:

  1. Make sure the water in the aquarium is at least 20 gallons or around 80 liters with a temperature of around 21-27 degrees Celsius and a pH between 6.5 – 7.5.
  2. Make sure the aquarium conditions are ideal, stable, and stay awake. Use an internal or external filter so that 25% of the water can be renewed every week.
  3. Design the aquarium with aquatic plants at the base, surface, and several corners so they can take shelter and hide. Because in their natural habitat they live in a dark place and at the bottom, there are tree roots.
  4. Even though they can eat whatever you give them, but still pay attention to their food needs. And make sure the food is small. Examples of neon fish food are tubifex worms, white worms, blood worms, saltwater shrimp, and so forth.

Types Diseases of Neon Tetra Fish

Diseases that often attack Neon Fish there are several kinds. Types Diseases of Neon Tetra Fish and become a problem for neon fish farmers:

1. Neon Tetra Disease (NTD)

Neon Tetra Disease

Several diseases often occur in this neon fish. One of them is pleistophora or Neon Tetra Disease (NTD).

This disease can be transmitted through a variety of ways, can be from water, shellfish, fish that have been infected, and other instruments.

There are several symptoms that you can know if neon fish are infected with NTD disease.

The Indication is:

  • The color brightness of neon fish fades.
  • Neon tetra fish appear tilted around 60 degrees.
  • Neon fish moves like jumping.
  • The fin tissue the neon fish is damaged.
  • Neon fish such as isolate or distance themselves from others.
  • No appetite and sometimes the belly of a neon fish seems interested.

There is no cure for this flu fish disease. Some common medicines are available only to suppress the increase in germs, but the disease is not destroyed.

But you can do several ways to treat this NTD disease, namely by:

  • Separate fish that have been affected by NTD to a special aquarium for treatment.
  • Give anti-infective drugs to remove parasites in the neon aquarium.
  • The way you have to provide parasitic pest cleaning drugs, such as Prodac Aquamedik to prevent parasites from spreading to other fish.
  • Furthermore, to overcome fish that have been affected by NTD, it is enough to provide anti-parasitic drugs and bacteria PRODAC Sanfish Ooodiny Cry which is very suitable for eradicating the Pleistophora hyphessobryconis parasite.

You can also prevent NTD by:

  • Maintaining water quality so that clean. By using a filter that can clean the aquarium properly.
  • Perform routine water changes so that the pH of the water remains stable for neon tetra.
  • Don’t feed live fish too often, because it can trigger a variety of live bacteria to attack fish.
  • Do not overfeed, so there is no buildup at the bottom of the aquarium.

2. White Spot

White Spot Tetra

The second fluorescent fish disease is the white spot. Caused by the parasite Ich protozoa or ichthyophthiriasis.

This disease can attack the skin of neon tetra fish and can spread quickly because this parasite can multiply.

Symptoms of neon fish infected with White Spot disease.

The Indication is:

  • There are small white spots that stick to the skin of a neon fish.
  • Fish will lose their appetite.
  • They cannot calm.
  • Fish will often rub the body to objects around it.
  • Fins fish will usually shrink or often close the fins because they are holding back pain due to the parasite.

But you can do several ways to treat this White Spot disease, namely by:

  • Soaking fish for two days by giving a solution of Methylin blue and adding salt to taste. Usually, in this way, the disease has begun to heal.
  • If the disease is severe, try to leave it for 1 week or more. maybe fish can live or die.

You can also prevent this White Spot disease by:

  • Always keep the aquarium clean.
  • Always keep the aquarium water from getting turbid. By using a filter that can filter dirt properly and always replace the water once a month. Change the aquarium water by just 50%, don’t replace it all.
  • Do not put plants that are difficult to clean in the aquarium, because it can become a nest for the growth of various kinds of dangerous parasites.
  • Don’t stress the fish, because one of the trigger factors for white spots in neon tetra fish is stress.

So that we can convey about Neon Tetra Fish, both types, food, how to cultivate, some tips on caring for it, and some diseases that can attack this one small fish.

Hopefully, you can cultivate and care for the fish you have especially the Neon Tetra Fish. And hopefully, this article can be useful. thank’s

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